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Noir Travel Stories Presents:


Revenge in Paris

Angeline Porter, a criminal lawyer, finds her sister Sophie dead from suicide and wearing a blue dress from Gerard Duverney, her French lover. Guilty that she didn’t protect her sister, Angeline seeks revenge. If anyone deserved better it was Sophie. Disguised as a journalist, she travels to Paris to murder Duverney.

Under the pretext of writing a travel piece on how to spend a Christmas holiday season in Paris, she entices him into accompanying her around the city, but finds that some things Sophie told her don’t add up. Plus, she has another problem—her growing attraction to the Frenchman. What is the truth? Can she murder him? Why did her sister kill herself? She’ll know the answers soon enough.


“Beware of disguises and those who wear them. Val Brooks has crafted a cunning tale of revenge, grief and unwanted desire that lets you walk the streets of Paris as bereft sister, confident attorney, vengeful murderer, and confused lover.”

—Paul Skenazy, former thriller reviewer Washington Post, and author of James M. Cain

“Button up your trench coat! Valerie J Brooks’ Revenge in Paris puts an original twist on the classic elements of noir. Revenge successfully and poignantly balances Paris’s travel destinations with the darkest compulsions of the human heart. This series, with upcoming stories set in Portland, Oregon, Hawaii, and Brooks’ future travel destinations, promises more creatively chilling mysteries!”

—Chris Scofield, author of The Shark Curtain

“Revenge is a dish best served hot, at least in Valerie Brooks’ Revenge in Paris, a sexy fast-paced tale of family, love, and murder. Brooks’ Paris setting is a character too: a two-faced lover who charms as she kills. Can’t wait for the next installment!”

—Cindy Brown, Agatha-nominated author of the Ivy Meadows mystery series

“In the first of (Valerie J. Brooks’) Noir Travel series, Revenge in Paris, we follow jaded criminal lawyer Angela Porter to the City of Light, where she seeks to avenge her sister’s tragic death. With a whipcrack voice and delicious twists through the streets of the 15th arrondissement, Revenge in Paris, is a thoroughly engrossing page-turner. After it, I’m seeing Paris in a whole new way.”

—Bill Cameron, author of the award-winning Skin Kadash mysteries


Noir Travel Stories Presents:


Portland Prey

Former criminal lawyer Angeline Porter has lost her sister to suicide and killed the man she thinks is responsible. When her husband Hank ends up a paraplegic, Angeline needs 50K for an expensive operation so he can walk again. She resorts to blackmailing men she meets on Ashley Madison for sex.

After Hank dies, a stranger comes to her house with the answer she’s sought all along—why her sister committed suicide. The truth puts her life at stake unless she murders again. And who is stalking her? As the past closes in, she plans her escape. But can she murder again? Does she have a choice? And who is stalking her? Escape seems her only option either way.


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Portland Prey is a swift, seductive, menacing tale of extortion and murder that assuredly carries forward Revenge in Paris, Valerie Brooks’ scintillating debut installment in her Noir Travel Story Series. Like the great James M. Cain, Brooks strips her story down to the bare essentials, effortlessly blending classic noir (an urban setting, unexpected narrative detours, a suspicious money trail) with uniquely modern components, including a professional computer hacker, Snapchat, and the Ashley Madison dating site. With its breakneck pace, intriguing cast of characters, and unabashed eroticism, Portland Prey is a wild, wicked, and utterly delightful ride.

—Tim Applegate, author of Fever Tree

“In Portland Prey, twist after twist keeps our senses reeling as Angeline, an ex-attorney who believes in ultimate justice, comes closer and closer to the truth of why her sister committed suicide. A tense noir mystery set in Portland, Oregon, you’ll follow Angeline to the edge. Does she ever find what she seeks? Is she willing to go for the ultimate revenge, one that might tear her own life apart or even take her life? Find out in the second story of the Noir Travel Stories Series.”

—Patsy Hand, author of Lost Dogs of Rome


Noir Tales & Travel in One Short Story

Do you love crime and mystery novels? Crave mysterious and suspenseful stories set in exotic and ordinary places? Then you’ll love NOIR TRAVEL STORIES.

Each story carries you on dark and atmospheric trip spawned by love, money or revenge in classic noir style. After you finish reading the story, explore the story’s settings and locales via hotlinks in the “Back Pages” section.

What is noir style? What makes it different from ordinary mystery and crime? Want to know more? Click Here.

“This is the fantasy business, Reverend. You can have any truth you want.”

Kathleen Turner (China Blue) to Anthony Perkins (Reverend Peter Shayne), Crimes of Passion.