To my readers,


Thanks for visiting Noir Travel Stories. Noir has always been a favorite of mine and one day after watching “Body Heat” for the fifth time, I had an idea for a noir story that sprang from my latest Paris trip.

I liked the idea of writing short stories, tales that could be read while waiting at the doctor’s office or watching your kids at the playground or even during that half hour before bed. Tales that didn’t require long-term concentration or immersion.

My imagination took off.

Can you envision yourself in a noir moment? I could. Here are three fun ways I pictured you reading one of the Noir Travel Stories.

  • It’s mid-January in Liverpool and a thick fog chills the night. The kids are asleep, and your chores are done. It was a tough day at work and finally, finally, you slip into your PJs and nestle into a favorite armchair in front of a crackling fire with tea and Kindle.
  • Beyond the sandy courtyard of the nearly empty stucco hotel, men in turmeric red robes load supplies onto a trio of complaining camels. Inside the air-conditioned hotel bar, you wait for your husband to finish a business meeting. At your corner table, you order a martini, ignore the stare of a handsome Moroccan across the room, and open the reading app on your iPhone
  • It’s October and you’re desperate for some alone time. You’ve rented a cliff-side house on the mysterious Oregon coast. Howling wind and thrashing rain wake you from deep sleep. Your dog curls tight against your side. The electricity is out. You pat the dog and reach for your iPad. There’s no going back to sleep.


Are you with me? Yes? Perfect!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that once you download “Revenge in Paris” you’ll be entered to win the Paris Mystery Box. Full of some of my favorite Paris-related items. What better way to enjoy the mysteries of the City of Light?

I’d love to hear about your experience reading “Revenge in Paris.” If you have a moment, please post a review. If I’ve transported you to a different place, even if for a short while, please let me know.

Until then, welcome and thanks for joining me.


“You’re not too smart, are you? I like that in a man.”

Kathleen Turner to William Hurt, Body Heat


Noir: French for black; genre of fiction or film characterized by tough characters, cynicism, fatalism and moral ambiguity.

One of the best examples of film noir. 
China Town.

Val’s favorite noir film “Body Heat” starred Kathleen Turner,
William Hurt, Richard Crenna, Ted Danson and Micky Rourke.